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Mea Amāre

Baby Sling Carrier - Sydney

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Material : 100 % Lenzing Modal (sustainable regeneration fiber from beech wood).

Through the intensive body contact in the sling, you can give your baby the closeness that it still knows from the time in the mother's womb. Wearing in a sling strengthens the bond and the close contact calms and makes happy. You can go directly from the womb to the Mea Baby Wrap.

Our Mea Baby sling offers several advantages especially for premature and newborn babies:
- It ensures the perfect position of your baby: Thighs spread around the mothers’ torso and the hips bent, so the knees are slightly higher than the buttocks with the thighs supported.
- Certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute: the carrier supports healthy hip development
- The lightweight, soft, breathable material and narrow cut have the advantage of not having too much fabric wrapped around the baby and ensures a high level of comfort.
- The round back, typical for small babies, is sufficiently supported by the three straps
- The width of the bar can always be adjusted exactly to the body size, i.e. the strap between the legs reaches exactly from knee to knee.
- As an additional head support, you can use one shoulder strap for added head and neck support.
- Enjoy hands free wearing, reduce infant crying, increase bonding, and wear your baby comfortably for hours!

We recommend the elastic sling from birth up to a weight of max. 11 kg (24 pounds). The Mea Baby Wrap is designed as one size fits all. Perfect for petite and large sizes.

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