Mea Amāre is a young Düsseldorf brand for high-quality & sustainable products that facilitate the colorful baby everyday life. With your baby in the sling in front of the chest and the changing backpack on your back, you always have your hands free. This creates mobility, independence and freedom.

Our products are minimalist, timeless and functional. We design all our products in our studio at Kanzlerstraße 7, 40472 Düsseldorf, Germany. We aim to inspire not only with timeless design, but also with high quality. In our production, we oversee the entire supply chain and ensure sustainable production and fair working conditions that meet our responsibility by manufacturing in Germany and the EU.

We use only the best materials from sustainable production that respects people, animals and the environment. The production of the materials is as important to us as meeting the highest quality standards and their functionality. We source our recycled leather from Germany. In addition, we use European hemp from Romania, the production of hemp fabric has a long history there.

We manufacture all our products under the highest ecological and social standards in close cooperation with selected workshops in Germany and Europe.